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Patti Wagner provides a unique coaching experience that changes lives.  Clients who work with her are supported through a loving, fun-filled enlightening experience.  Her approach is different and intuitive readings with her are unique.  In partnership with Patti, clients learn about themselves, their energy and what affects their energy levels.  They learn about how their life experience is a direct reflection of the way they manage their energy, and how to make positive changes that can fully enage and activate them energetically. 

Patti helps people learn how to manage their personal power and ignite their full potential!

For the past ten years, she has been working with clients and groups in helping them better understand and manage their positive personal energy, fully engaging their support systems and activating possibilities.  She has conducted workshops across the country with participants from around the world, helping them to understand how their energy impacts their lives and environments.  Personal clients find intuitive readings invaluable in their own evolution, as they provide key insight into issues that typically hold people back or keep them in repeating cycles. 

Patti is affiliated with The Coaching Institute, and as a collaborating coach provides the same framework that has successfully been used by thousands all over the world to improve their lives, their careers and their businesses.  She is a Gendai Reiki Master, certified in multiple healing modalities.  She brings her intuition, understanding of energy, vibration and intention into her coaching sessions with clients, helping them connect with their own guidance and inner knowing.  This, combined with kinesiology (aka: muscle testing), provides a platform for clients to work on core issues that, once addressed, allow them to make lasting positive change. 

Patti is also the founder of Upward Journey, an organization that specializes in providing solution-based tools and services to individuals and business.  She is a certified trainer, spending much of her career coaching senior executives and training top leadership teams.  Patti consults for colleges throughout the Southeast, creating and delivering customized leadership development programs and group coaching programs for local business.  Patti's formal education includes a PKE/MBA from Pepperdine University.  She is a qualified facilitator for MBTI  personality instruments, and a certified consultant for Candidate Resources, Inc. to administer the Achiever, a world-recognized business-based personality assessment tool, and other instruments tailored for business applications. 


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